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Life-changing dental implant procedures here in Sparks

If you’re missing one or more teeth, implants are usually the best way to give you back what you’ve lost. Made from titanium, and placed into living bone—just like a natural tooth’s root— our dental implants are a strong, long-lasting solution you will be thrilled with.

Choose Wildcreek for your implant procedure

At Wildcreek Dental, Dr. Bray and her wonderful team perform new implant placements, implant restorations, and overdentures. They have performed countless implant procedures over the years, and maintain specialized training in the treatment. You can depend on Dr. Bray to recommend the implant solution that’s best for you, to explain the implant process to you completely, and help you feel comfortable and confident your choice to proceed with this life-changing treatment.

Benefits of dental implants

  • Since they’re made from titanium, a very strong metal, implants are a long-lasting solution.
  • Implants look and feel just like your natural teeth.
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants are anchored to your jaw so they’ll never slip or shift when you eat or talk.
  • Implants restore the full chewing power you had with your natural teeth.
  • When you consider the benefits and the longevity of implants, they’re a surprisingly affordable option.
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Single implants

A single dental implant is a great way to restore your ability to chew and talk, protect the health of adjacent teeth, and of course fill that gap in your smile. With a single implant Dr. Bray will surgically place a titanium implant in your jaw, attach a piece called an abutment, and then attach a prosthetic tooth to the abutment. With proper care, you can expect your new implant to last many, many years.

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Multiple implants

For patients who have several missing teeth in a row, we typically don’t replace them all with individual implants. Rather, Dr. Bray will place an implant at both ends of the gap, and then use a dental bridge between the implants. It’s a great way to secure a bridge without have to rely on the natural teeth as anchor points.

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Implant-supported dentures

Regular dentures tend to shift and slip in your mouth. With implant-supported dentures though, two to four implants act as anchor points for a denture to be attached to. Since the denture is firmly attached to immovable implants, your chewing power—and appearance—is completely restored. With this solution, your dentures remain removable.

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Fixed-implant dentures

This solution to multiple missing teeth is a lot like implant-supported dentures in that they use implants to securely anchor your dentures in place. The difference is that with this solution, your denture arch is permanently attached to four or more dental implants—only your dentist can remove them. They feel exactly like the natural teeth you miss.

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