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Orthodontics in Sparks

If your teeth are crooked, crowded, or stick out, orthodontic treatment can straighten them out. It will improve the look of your smile and your oral health, since straighter teeth are easier to clean and less likely to get cavities.

Woman inserting Invisalign clear aligner

Clear, removable aligners

Clear aligners gradually move your teeth, but without any metal wires or braces. A system of removable, nearly invisible plastic trays will help guide your teeth into the perfect position—helping you achieve the smile you want.

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Bonded retainers

A bonded retainer, also known as a permanent retainer, is a type of metal retainer wire that is glued to the back of your teeth. They are typically placed on the lower teeth from canine to canine, but are also placed behind the upper teeth in certain situations.

Woman at dentist examining smile in mirror


Invisalign is a brand-name treatment plan for straighter teeth that uses custom-sized trays, made from an innovative transparent material, that you slip onto your teeth. Most people see the results they want in just 12-18 months.

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